We have been serving Stockton since 1976, offering quality collision repair as well as fixing up your daily driver or weekend warrior.

We work on all makes and models and deal with your insurance to make the time you deal with us as easy as possible. As a shop we strive to give excellent customer service and do everything we can to make our customer satisfied.

If you have a car that we are working on or will be working on, I can post photos of your vehicle on here to allow you to watch the repair process happen. Thank you for your continual support, we would not be here without you!

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  • Michelle K.

    I was in a minor car accident on the freeway at 345 pm. I believe it was Cal-trans, state or whomever helped tow my car free of charge to the nearest available spot. Kmart off Mariposa in Stockton, ca. Living in Manteca I didn't know if I should tow my car home or call an Autobody shop. I called Bugs. Talked to Nathan, asked him if I could have my insurance take my car right over but he was closing 20 mins. Not enough time. Free of charge he had my car towed to after hrs lot and had it taken to his shop next day. Took all the pressure off me and next I day I could get to claims and rental issues.

    Thanks for helping with my first step! I'm sure the same will continue ;)

  • Derrick V.

    Bugs Collision & Restoration is fabulous from start to finish when it comes to their customer service and attentiveness to fulfilling the customers needs! This is the second time I have come to them for vehicle auto body repair; and, I have to say that they do meticulous detailed fine work! As far as I am concerned they are the best service provider in the Central Valley! Hands down!!! Thank you Kevin and Nathaniel!

  • Kathryn R.

    Nathaniel is such a great guy. Very nice, professional and so helpful. Told me exactly what my repairs would cost and how long it would take. My cat was done a day early and they had not only fixed my dents but had done a beautiful detail job too. I highly recommend Bigs Collission!!

  • Raymond D.

    These photos don't do this shop justice. There is some real TALENT working here and there aren't enough words to describe their work. If pictures are worth a thousand words, then they would be worth that ... and more! Outstandingly reasonable pricing system (you really get what you pay for...and then that extra that goes with working with them), a workable time frame, and they will be your best logistic advisers. Originally, they were recommended to me by a coworker that had his show-winning El Camino done by them back in the 90's when it was still Miracle Auto. So I had my BMWs & Mercedes-Benzes done with them and they turned out better than when I bought them new. I work at a place that doesn't take too kindly to nice cars and after 10+ years of Central Valley commuting and weather, it was time to do some bodywork. They bumped out all the dings and dents, removed everything to take the paint all the way down, and built up everything on a base coat / clear coat system. As a former body man, I would highly recommend them. Go ahead and get your quotes and do your research. When you are ready to make a decision, I am sure you will choose Bugs. Also, Nathaniel is a pleasure to work with!

  • Vickie N.

    I honestly created a Yelp account just so I could give this place a great review :) I just got into my first car accident a few days ago and found a place called Toyo of Stockton, which had good reviews. The estimator looked at my car and told me it would cost about a grand to fix it (I had a mini heart attack at that point). Then he lowered his voice and said that if I paid him in cash, he would lower the price to $500 (which sounds very sketchy now that I think about it). I was desperate to have my car fixed though, so I went to the bank to get money and on the way back to that body shop, I saw Bugs and decided to come in and ask for an estimate because I figured it wouldn't hurt. They were technically supposed to be closed, but when one of the mechanics saw me pull into the lot, he held the door open for me and welcomed me in. Nathaniel greeted me with a warm smile and after I told him about my car woes, he took a look at it and said that he could fix it for a fraction of the price that Toyo of Stockton wanted! (woo!)

    I brought my car in on Monday at 5 pm and they were done fixing it by noon the next day! I thought I would have to cancel my plans for that day, but thanks to their quick service, I didn't have to ^_^ The work they did was amazing!! My car looks like it was never in an accident. My front bumper and new side mirror looks and works great! So by a stroke of luck, I found this wonderful place and was able to save a ton of money (I ended up only paying about $230!). I was still a little paranoid, so I asked Nathaniel to check out my tire pressure and my door on the driver's side (I guess it came a little loose after the accident) and he happily took a look at it for me. I also had a mysterious smudge on one of my windows and Nathaniel cleaned it up even though I told him he didn't have to! He took care of my car like it was his own :) I even tried giving him a tip, but he simply wouldn't take it. How many people nowadays would refuse free money?! What an incredibly honest person! I know this is definitely a place that would not overcharge you.

    Their great work and low pricing was wonderful by itself, but what impressed me the most was their INCREDIBLE customer service- which is very important to me. I really appreciated how kind Nathaniel was. His smile and sense of humor really calmed my nerves when I first came in, because I was still in shock after the accident (I literally took it in about an hour after it happened). After I dropped my car off, I didn't have a way of getting home, so he and his beautiful wife even gave me a ride!! (super cute couple, btw) I am just so grateful that I found this place and I wanted to thank Nathaniel and his team for being so amazing and doing good, honest work. I apologize for writing an essay, but they deserve the greatest praise possible and words cannot even describe how blessed I feel to have randomly found this place and met such awesome people. I hope I never get into another car accident, but if I ever need anything else, I know exactly where I'm going to go! Btw, it's only been two days and I've already recommended this place to two other friends, LOL :D

  • Mark Q.

    I was referred to Bugs Collision & Restoration by a friend of mine and they did not disappoint. I wanted the engine bay painted in my 1971 Datsun 510. The trick was it had to match my car's 1971 factory paint code. Not only did they match the paint perfectly, they went the extra mile and painted some of my other parts with the extra paint!

    That's a great deal and great service!

    While I hopefully don't have any major body work done in the future, I expect to be a return customer. :)

  • Ray K.

    I believe one of the best, if not the best Autobody and collision repair shops in Stockton, CA. Real good customer service and very good quality work. This is where I take my baby, and I am a picky person, and this company seems to always come threw for me. I recommend this place over any place in Stockton!

  • Kai K.

    I went to Stockton looking to buy a salvage title car which had structure damages before. It's fixed but I still want to get it checked out. I went on Yelp to find a body shop who could help me and base on the reviews, I found Bugs Collision. I called the day before and Nathaniel at Bugs Collision said to just bring the car in and he will take a look for me. When I bought the car in, Nathaniel was very friendly and started to check out the car for me. He was very detailed and comprehensive in examining the car. He told me while the damages were repaired, they weren't done correctly. He was very patient with my questions as well and provided thoughtful answers. He was very knowledgeable. He provided me all the potential risks I need to know if I were to buy the car. Overall, he was very helpful which allowed me to make the right decision. And Nathaniel wouldn't charge me for the service! I wouldn't hesitate to take my car to Nathaniel at Bugs Collision.

  • Binh D.

    Nathaniel and his team at Miracle Auto Painting were referred to me by a friend. I had some minor nicks and indentations all over the car, the hood had some major scratches and there was a significant ding on the passenger side. With my car being black, I also wanted to tint the windows and black out the brake and side lights.

    My car looked awesome and so sleek when I got it back! I am extremely happy with the decision to go with Miracle Auto Painting. Nathaniel picked up my car, helped me find a rental car and even replaced a blown speaker for me. Their prices were more then fair and they did an amazing job.

    Pros: Great work, friendly and honest staff, minimal cost and a quick turnaround of only a few days.

    Cons: I can't think of any.

    Overall: If you're looking for an autobody shop, I definitely recommend Miracle Auto Painting. My Lexus seriously looks brand new!

  • Jim B.

    Bugs Collision & Restoration has worked on three of my cars two Corvettes and one Cadillac. Each one came out looking great. I would recommend Bugs Collision & Restoration to anyone. I will be coming in to have my new hood painted soon.

  • Andrew E.

    I've taken several of my cars to Bugs (formerly Miracle Auto Body & Paint) for repair and custom work and their work is top notch. The service is outstanding and Nathaniel and Jennifer are great to work with. I had $500 credit in work i previously had done there that I forgot about from a year and a half ago, and they told me as soon as I walked in. They've earned a customer for life in me and I'd recommend them to any of my family and friends. They are some of the most genuine, honest, and hard working people I've ever done business with. Good people are hard to come by in Stockton and you can't go wrong with Bugs. 5 stars for sure!

  • Wesley W.

    Wouldn't take my cars anywhere else! Great service, high quality!

  • Wouldn't take my cars anywhere else! Great service, high quality!

We Provide:

  • Classic Restorations
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  • Collision Repairs
  • Spot Refinish
  • Track Car Clean-Ups
  • Custom Bike Paint
  • Patch Panel Replacement
  • Minor Dents and Dings
  • Auto Restorations
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